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Three Pictures


  • Three Pictures is played with a solitary deck of cards. All image cards (King, Queen and Jack) and Tens convey the estimation of 0, while different cards convey their meant numerical worth (Ace conveys the estimation of 1).


  • Every player plays with 3 cards. The articulations “Three Knights”, “Twofold Knights Seven”, “Plain Nine”, and so forth each have implications allocated by the positioning rundown.


  • The most noteworthy positioning hand is known as “Three Knights”, that is a hand with 3 picture cards. The point mean different hands will be tallied at the assumed worth of the 3 cards with the most elevated score being 9. For all out scores surpassing 10 or 20, 10 and 20 focuses will be deducted separately.


  • The goal of the game is to have the most noteworthy hand over the lower hand.


  • If the point tally is the equivalent, it will be viewed as a tie.


  • The House gathers 5% commission on every single winning wager.


  • Players additionally have the choice of betting on tie wagers (Payment 8 to 1) and “Three Knights” wager (Payment 16 to 1).


  • The installment for all wagers against the seller is 1 to 1.



    No-Commission “Three Pictures”


  • What’s more, the House may pick at its circumspection to direct “No-Commission Three Pictures” games, which will be recognized by appropriate signage showed on the assigned “Three Pictures” tables.


  • Every single winning wager will be paid even cash with one special case: when the player wins on the point check of 6, which will be paid half of the sum betted. (For instance, for RM100 winning, the player’s wagered paid is RM50.)