Tai Sai ( Big Small )

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Tai Sai


  • Tai Sai, otherwise called Sic Bo, is an antiquated Chinese game played with 3 bones in which you foresee the numbers on the bones after they have been shaken.
  • Tai Sai is played with players wagering against the House by wagering House chips. Wagering limits are shown at the gaming table.
  • The game starts when the 3 bones inside the glass packaging are shaken or shuffled by a mechanical gadget.
  • Next, players put down their wagers in the wagering format at the gaming table.
  • The dark front of the glass packaging may be lifted after the seller rings the ringer and reports, “No more wagers.”
  • The triumphant mix is the numbers shown by the 3 shakers confronting upwards.
  • All games are legitimate whether the bones inclinations or rests as typical, aside from in situations where one bones lays over another.