Mini Dice

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Mini Dice


Appreciate watching the bones move in a confine. As they gradually go to a rest, the aggregate of the numbers appeared on the 3 shakers will be the triumphant mix.


  • In the round of Mini Dice, you play against the House by wagering House chips. Wagering limits are shown at the gaming table.
  • Put down your wager in the wagering design at the gaming table before the bones confine is turned.


  • The game starts when the seller rings the chime and declares, “No more wagers.”


  • The seller at that point turns the bones confine for at least 3 rounds.


  • At the point when the shakers confine stops, the 3 bones will rest at the base of the pen. The triumphant mix will be the numbers demonstrated by the 3 shakers looking up.


  • All games will be legitimate whether the shakers inclinations or rests as typical, with the exception of in situations where one bones lays over another.